Big Conservative Issues, and their Belief system


They believe that the rules need to be followed, and are not against all immigrants, however they do not sympathize with the plight of those trying to work (illegally) in the US to make a better life for their family (Ironically, which is why their own great grandmothers and fathers came as well)

Gay Marriage

Their views are predicated upon the belief that the US is supposed to be a certain way, and never change, hence the term conservative. They see any change to the fabric on the nation as an attack on the nation. I don’t think it has as much to do with homophobia as it does with being confronted with the reality that they have to share a nation with people who have other values, religions, and beliefs.

Free Market

They are in favor of it, just as all Democrats are.


I think this one is just common with the religious fundamentalists, most conservative fathers whose 14 year old gets knocked up will be happy to “not ruin little Becky’s life”.


They believe that Unions are at the heart of all the problems with education. Bad teachers can’t get fired, so public schools suck. They prefer more black and white methods to test abilities and performance such as standardized testing, and they believe that a teacher’s worth can be based upon these scores.