Gentrification vs White Flight

The racism in the flier aside, gentrification is an issue which is often quite convoluted. The larger question is how did these communities become predominantly black/latino (minorities) in the first place? And if we are to look at this it is generally because the white populations left in the 60s as violence was increasing, and they moved to the suburbs. Ironically, generally those who criticize gentrification, also criticize the white flight which happened previously. So the whites were criticized for moving out, and they’re also criticized for moving back.

But, that’s not to say that gentrification doesn’t hurt a large part of the black community, of course it does displace people, raise the rents of neighborhoods, and changes the face of the streets. So if we are to look at the issue honestly we can see that it is an issue of race, but only because race and poverty are closely linked in the US. If you want to solve displacement of families due to gentrification, then the issue should be attacked at the root, which is poverty. Saying that it is only white people moving in, or gentrification is a bit of a cop out. Everyone knows that private property owners have the right to raise the rents on their spaces, and desire to make a profit. They have no responsibility to keep the cultural aspects of a community in place. So if we want to keep these families there then that should begin by providing them with a living wage.