How a country’s history effects present day politics

So basically, Native American suffer in some of the worst conditions in the developed world, not because of their past, but because of welfare programs. Got it. I thought it might have something to do with being displaced from their ancestral homelands, being forced to eat a new diet which didn’t work well with their bodies, being highly susceptible to alochol and substance abuse also because of their bodies, being killed off in the thousands intentionally by disease spread by white men, and having all of their food supplies cut off by intentionally killing buffalo.

Face it. The US was founded upon genocide. But hey, I guess they should just pull up their boot straps and work like everyone else right?!? It was a looooooong time ago. There’s no way the past can influence the present in such a profound way that exists to this day. I mean really, just take a look at the South and the Civil War. They’re all so over all of that Bullshit!….. :/

Also, I also have a funny joke (although I don’t doubt your claim that you are part native, but I do like to tell it to people who claim native heritage )

What do you get when you put 32 white men in a room?

1 full blooded Cherokee.



What about it?

The South is still fighting the Civil War in many regards. It’s part of their history, and it exists to this day. In fact, the past has profound effects on the present, even if the past was a hundred years ago. I’d advise you to take a look at a history book. Perhaps you could start with the Balkans and look at how a group of people which were not separated by ethnicity could develop completely different views of their world based upon the historical legacy.

No, I am saying those who suffer now can’t honestly put a majority of blame towards the actions of people of more than 100 years ago.

I never said a majority of blame. I said that forcing hundreds of thousands of people onto reservations, and teaching them in separate schools and continuing to steal their land (this is actually taking place today in ND when they found the res was full of oil), that yeah, this kind of has a detrimental effect on a people.

That’s what my people did. It’s funny how it works for them, but no one else…

So your people decided to work under the white man’s rules, that’s fine. And is probably more dependent upon the tribe from which your ancestry came. There were others however (Namely the Lakota and Navajo) who never desired to integrate with the people who destroyed their lands and killed their grandmothers, and yes, this legacy of distrust absolutely exists to this day. Not saying it’s right or wrong, simply that it exists.