Is it better to Fail poorly performing students?

As someone who teaches courses from 100s to 400s I’d say one of the most surprising things I’ve noticed is that less of a students performance is hinged upon their own work ethic, or even how good a teacher is, but what group of students they are working with. By failing the worst students the group immediately does better, and I think this is more fair for the students who actually care.

As far as what I “feel” about my students who perform poorly? I’d say that if you’re looking for an honest answer most teachers just think they are lazy, unmotivated, and privileged. I’m also confounded that certain students really don’t think it’s possible to fail. Where I teach it’s really dangerous to fail as much of the student body are on student visas, and if you fail a course, and the next semester is already full then guess what, you’ve got maybe 6 or 7 months before you can start again. And technically, if you aren’t studying and you’re on a student visa, then the school is legally obligated to call the foreign police and begin proceedings to cancel the student visa. If they don’t the school can actually be charged with fraud. I felt really bad for one student (even though I warned him multiple times) who was sent back to Vietnam after failing my, and a few other teachers classes. But at the end of the day he just stopped showing up, and didn’t meet any deadlines for submission. Subsequent emails went unanswered so the Foreign Police literally went to his apartment and gave him a deportation notice (I think you get 30 days to leave) . He was a smart kid who could’ve done the missing work in literally 3 or 4 hours but he just thought that as always it would work itself out. Didn’t end too well for him.