Is it better to get any degree as opposed to having no college degree?

You have the choice between hiring someone with a 4 year degree, and someone who dropped out of community college…. Guess who gets the job? Yep, while I get your sentiment the reality simply doesn’t play out. Whether it’s fair or not, and regardless of whether it’s justified or not, 4 year degrees are still a mark of being able to stay on task for four years. The Starbucks analogy is really played out and naive, any degree is consistently worth more than no degree. And guess what else, most people don’t get jobs dierctly related to the field they study. You can go to school for something and you’ll still need more certificates and tests if you want to climb the ladder in your field. And this is absolutely the norm in both system architecture as well as the financial world.

China graduated 1,000,000 engineers with Phds last year. The point being that this is a global economy, and while India and China still aren’t safe bets, you better believe that as soon as they step up their game finding a 60,000k year job are going to become more and more scarce. You know, since we’re talking about economic realities, the East is basically preparing to stomp the west in the next decade. Hence the same reason you’ll find most major tech companies full of non Americans. Long live the H1 visa! 😀