NSA Revelations Nothing New

I think your viewpoint as an American citizen shows a certain blindness. Imagine for instance, if the UK was found to be spying on US diplomats, UN officials, and tapping Obama’s phone. That would probably warrant a response from Obama right? Then imagine on top of that the UK was also found to be recording the cell phone locations of every single American citizen, and had hacked into Google in order to obtain further information and metadata. Then you can start to think of what the US would think about the UK building a huge facility (lets say it’s outside of Essex) which could store more information than all of the internet combined. Times 10.

Do you think the US’ response would just be “meh, everyone spies. No big deal. I’m sure the British are just trying to fight the war on terror and should be trusted with every Americans metadata, cell phone locations, search history, travel plans, political affiliations, etc.”. I have a feeling that meeting between the US and the UK probably wouldn’t go too well.

But of course, I guess some would just believe that all the outrage was feigned, and without substance…:/