What American was labeled a terrorist who is now a hero?

Martin Luther King Jr. He was certainly treated as a terrorist although the FBI probably thought of him more as an enemy of the state. Had his phones tapped by the FBI and subject to a concerted effort by the powers that be to destroy him. J Edgar Hoover supplied raw intelligence reports of King’s movements and other minutia which gave him top priority to Kennedy, and there were numerous briefings at the highest levels about Hoover’s belief that King was a communist who was set on destroying the US way of life. They even somehow got ahold of some sex tapes and sent them to King’s wife’s home accompanied with a letter which said that basically “all of the US would know him for the beast that he is”. On top of that there were a series of letters written by the FBI which attempted to convince him to kill himself.

And now he has a national holiday and is revered as one of the most important men of the 20th century. We then also named the FBI building in DC after Hoover.

NSA Revelations Nothing New

I think your viewpoint as an American citizen shows a certain blindness. Imagine for instance, if the UK was found to be spying on US diplomats, UN officials, and tapping Obama’s phone. That would probably warrant a response from Obama right? Then imagine on top of that the UK was also found to be recording the cell phone locations of every single American citizen, and had hacked into Google in order to obtain further information and metadata. Then you can start to think of what the US would think about the UK building a huge facility (lets say it’s outside of Essex) which could store more information than all of the internet combined. Times 10.

Do you think the US’ response would just be “meh, everyone spies. No big deal. I’m sure the British are just trying to fight the war on terror and should be trusted with every Americans metadata, cell phone locations, search history, travel plans, political affiliations, etc.”. I have a feeling that meeting between the US and the UK probably wouldn’t go too well.

But of course, I guess some would just believe that all the outrage was feigned, and without substance…:/

How a country’s history effects present day politics

So basically, Native American suffer in some of the worst conditions in the developed world, not because of their past, but because of welfare programs. Got it. I thought it might have something to do with being displaced from their ancestral homelands, being forced to eat a new diet which didn’t work well with their bodies, being highly susceptible to alochol and substance abuse also because of their bodies, being killed off in the thousands intentionally by disease spread by white men, and having all of their food supplies cut off by intentionally killing buffalo.

Face it. The US was founded upon genocide. But hey, I guess they should just pull up their boot straps and work like everyone else right?!? It was a looooooong time ago. There’s no way the past can influence the present in such a profound way that exists to this day. I mean really, just take a look at the South and the Civil War. They’re all so over all of that Bullshit!….. :/

Also, I also have a funny joke (although I don’t doubt your claim that you are part native, but I do like to tell it to people who claim native heritage )

What do you get when you put 32 white men in a room?

1 full blooded Cherokee.



What about it?

The South is still fighting the Civil War in many regards. It’s part of their history, and it exists to this day. In fact, the past has profound effects on the present, even if the past was a hundred years ago. I’d advise you to take a look at a history book. Perhaps you could start with the Balkans and look at how a group of people which were not separated by ethnicity could develop completely different views of their world based upon the historical legacy.

No, I am saying those who suffer now can’t honestly put a majority of blame towards the actions of people of more than 100 years ago.

I never said a majority of blame. I said that forcing hundreds of thousands of people onto reservations, and teaching them in separate schools and continuing to steal their land (this is actually taking place today in ND when they found the res was full of oil), that yeah, this kind of has a detrimental effect on a people.

That’s what my people did. It’s funny how it works for them, but no one else…

So your people decided to work under the white man’s rules, that’s fine. And is probably more dependent upon the tribe from which your ancestry came. There were others however (Namely the Lakota and Navajo) who never desired to integrate with the people who destroyed their lands and killed their grandmothers, and yes, this legacy of distrust absolutely exists to this day. Not saying it’s right or wrong, simply that it exists.

Is it better to get any degree as opposed to having no college degree?

You have the choice between hiring someone with a 4 year degree, and someone who dropped out of community college…. Guess who gets the job? Yep, while I get your sentiment the reality simply doesn’t play out. Whether it’s fair or not, and regardless of whether it’s justified or not, 4 year degrees are still a mark of being able to stay on task for four years. The Starbucks analogy is really played out and naive, any degree is consistently worth more than no degree. And guess what else, most people don’t get jobs dierctly related to the field they study. You can go to school for something and you’ll still need more certificates and tests if you want to climb the ladder in your field. And this is absolutely the norm in both system architecture as well as the financial world.

China graduated 1,000,000 engineers with Phds last year. The point being that this is a global economy, and while India and China still aren’t safe bets, you better believe that as soon as they step up their game finding a 60,000k year job are going to become more and more scarce. You know, since we’re talking about economic realities, the East is basically preparing to stomp the west in the next decade. Hence the same reason you’ll find most major tech companies full of non Americans. Long live the H1 visa! 😀


The whole issue is based upon the trust we have in our government. If we found out the Chinese were monitoring all of their citizens and every American citizen then we would immediately have a different view of the matter. In fact, a lack of privacy was an often cited “concern” which was frequently brought up during the cold war, and it was considered patriotic to have your private life, well, private as compared to the evil secret police which were tracking activists and trying to discredit them through dirty tactics. Obviously there’s a lot of countries I’m sure the US would actively try to supress from obtaining similar information about their citizenry as it could obviously bring up human rights violations.

But really it hinges on whether we trust our government to use the information responsibly. I for one, don’t, but I understand we’re also not living in North Korea either.

Why are Republicans more “Christian”?

I’d say the shift began with Reagan and his alignment with fundamentalists, and continues to this day. It was a good tactic in the early stages of forming an alliance between social conservatives and the GOP. But obviously now, since the GOP decided to try and take the only momentum which existed in 2008 which was Ron Paul and his Tea Parties and form them into a new moral majority they discovered that the old voters were dying out (literally) and that running on social conservatism and “values” no longer works as it did before. The beast which they created is now attacking the master, and it’s pretty fun to watch them devour themselves.


However they still try to placate the Fundamentalist Christians and social conservatives by their VP choices. Palin and Ryan were both attempts to appeal to the old moral majority voters which were started when Reagan and the GOP allied themselves with Fallwell and other fundamentalists. George Bush I was a natural progression from Reagan, and George Bush II was also quite appealing to the social conservative “base”. Id say if Christie does get the nomination that they’ll have to take a hard turn to the right during the election and get someone like Cruz on the ticket so the Moral Majority doesn’t decide to stay at home.

So they’re just influential enough to be placated, whereas the democrats have nothing similar or don’t even care much about their base. They know they’ll generally turn up to vote against the Republican so you can forget about Clinton allying herself with someone like Warren. She just needs to stay moderate (Center left) and get someone boring like Al Gore and she’ll be a shoe in.

Big Conservative Issues, and their Belief system


They believe that the rules need to be followed, and are not against all immigrants, however they do not sympathize with the plight of those trying to work (illegally) in the US to make a better life for their family (Ironically, which is why their own great grandmothers and fathers came as well)

Gay Marriage

Their views are predicated upon the belief that the US is supposed to be a certain way, and never change, hence the term conservative. They see any change to the fabric on the nation as an attack on the nation. I don’t think it has as much to do with homophobia as it does with being confronted with the reality that they have to share a nation with people who have other values, religions, and beliefs.

Free Market

They are in favor of it, just as all Democrats are.


I think this one is just common with the religious fundamentalists, most conservative fathers whose 14 year old gets knocked up will be happy to “not ruin little Becky’s life”.


They believe that Unions are at the heart of all the problems with education. Bad teachers can’t get fired, so public schools suck. They prefer more black and white methods to test abilities and performance such as standardized testing, and they believe that a teacher’s worth can be based upon these scores.

Repercussions of the US ending the embargo on Cuba

I don’t think you’ll find many who any longer support the embargo, but one interesting aspect many don’t talk about currently is that Havana is already becoming extremely capitalistic. There is a harsh division of the classes already apparent, and one can be assured that as soon as Cuba is opened up, so to speak, that there will be a great sell off of everything, much like with what happened in post Communist Russia. This will look good in the short term, but will most likely have long term drawbacks, which in turn, will probably make a lot of Cubans wishing for the “good old days” of communism again.

Is it better to Fail poorly performing students?

As someone who teaches courses from 100s to 400s I’d say one of the most surprising things I’ve noticed is that less of a students performance is hinged upon their own work ethic, or even how good a teacher is, but what group of students they are working with. By failing the worst students the group immediately does better, and I think this is more fair for the students who actually care.

As far as what I “feel” about my students who perform poorly? I’d say that if you’re looking for an honest answer most teachers just think they are lazy, unmotivated, and privileged. I’m also confounded that certain students really don’t think it’s possible to fail. Where I teach it’s really dangerous to fail as much of the student body are on student visas, and if you fail a course, and the next semester is already full then guess what, you’ve got maybe 6 or 7 months before you can start again. And technically, if you aren’t studying and you’re on a student visa, then the school is legally obligated to call the foreign police and begin proceedings to cancel the student visa. If they don’t the school can actually be charged with fraud. I felt really bad for one student (even though I warned him multiple times) who was sent back to Vietnam after failing my, and a few other teachers classes. But at the end of the day he just stopped showing up, and didn’t meet any deadlines for submission. Subsequent emails went unanswered so the Foreign Police literally went to his apartment and gave him a deportation notice (I think you get 30 days to leave) . He was a smart kid who could’ve done the missing work in literally 3 or 4 hours but he just thought that as always it would work itself out. Didn’t end too well for him.

Should Intelligent Design be taught in Public Schools?

It doesn’t matter if it is or not. When dealing with public space, and especially public schools there has been a determination and precedent set that the school either has to be open to all ideas or none of them. That’s why some schools in majority Red districts had to shut down all of their school’s clubs instead of accommodating a student club composed of gay students which is focused on gay issues. People aren’t governed by a simple majority as it concerns public space, hence the reason why in Arkansas they’ll most likely have to erect a statue dedicated to the Church of Satan (actually true) because they decided to use some of the public space for a crucifix.

Ironically this is the vision which the forefathers had when drafting the constitution and creating a separation between church and state. They didn’t want this type of idiocy to erupt. They saw the government recognition of a particular religion detrimental as many of the early settlers were obviously fleeing religious persecution. Strangely these measures were orginally created to protect the faithful from the government telling them what to believe, and now they want pretty much the opposite and they feel as though they need the government to somehow legitimize beliefs.

It could be taught in a world religions class that was an elective. We had it our high school and I actually took it. The funny thing was that the majority of the the curriculum has nothing to do with Christianity and by studying multiple creation myths it actually discredits intelligent design even more. If it’s between believing a duck swam to the bottom of a great ocean and started piling up dirt to make the earth, or that god created the earth in 7 days they all start to blend into myths of the world, which of course, is fine to study, but as many here have said, has nothing to do with science. The main problem with fundamentalists trying to get intelligent design taught in public schools is that they can’t deal with this fact. Either it will be a little blip, just one of hundreds of theories, or it’s fundamentally dismantled in a science class. What the fundamentalists actually want is a class devoted to their beliefs that goes unchallenged by either other creation myths, or science itself.

Education is a bit different as it effects all students involved of all of society. So teaching ridiculous theories about how the world is 6000 years old, or that evolution doesn’t exist has a detrimental effect overall on everyone in the class. I think it’s great to have small local control on a number of issues, however I don’t know if it should be up to a soccer mom or janitor to decide what’s taught in Algebra class. Academics by its very nature is an extremely heirarchal system which already has a rigorous system of checks and balances in place to ensure what is being studied is throughly vetted and checked. Evolution isn’t some plot created by liberals to try and discredit god (no matter what some fundamentalists believe) and in these cases I think it is better to default to the experts on these issues as opposed to public opinion.