Republicans Return to Normalcy

Well, from a PR perspective you’d want to frame the talking point more along the lines of “Financial Freedom” as opposed to “Return to Normalcy” which kind of implies that they’ve all gone insane.

But I get what you’re saying, and certainly there is a big stupid part of the GOP which consists of the Bachmann’s and other nutjobs who make the party less appealing to sensible financial conservatives. One interesting aspect of this is that this obsession with social issues is actually quite new. Stemming from the alliance of Fallwell and Reagan in the creation of the Moral Majority in the 80s which made the GOP relevant again and tightly linked with fundamentalist Christianity. The GOP can essentially campaign all year long in the churches across the country while the Dems don’t have this sort of connection to their base. So for the GOP they are a very hard demographic to give up. I think that as the older conservatives die out (sorry, but it’s true) there will be a more natural shift towards progressive stances on social issues, and in 50 years they’ll look like the equivalent of those who supported Negroes drinking at separate fountains. Their America will be gone. Thankfully.