What did Occupy Wall Street achieve?

I said it while it was happening, and I’ll say it again. The most valuable thing that occupy created was a network of individuals interested in action. These networks generally cost a shitload of money to compile, and believe it or not, Occupy was actually the largest coordinated global protest. Ever. Sure, they were unorganized, absolutely they were idealistic, and of course many of their goals were unattainable, but the truly amazing thing was that they did this with no money. So while I think the guys near me (I did attend some Occupy events) playing in their drum circle, and griping about veganism and its relationship to American Imperialism were annoying fucks. I’m also amazed at how quickly so many want to discredit what actually was created for a few weeks. And that was a global network interested in getting in the streets and engaging in direct action. I think if anything Occupy is a good example of how much we take for granted now that social media has consumed so many of our lives. Complaining about Occupy is kind of like complaining about not having wifi in an airplane.