What was something you never told your mom and dad about as a kid?

We used to go over to my friends house and box after school (5th to 6th grade) one day we got into the mom’s liquor cabinet. We all got trashed and then decided to start a shot of everclear on fire. For some reason we were walking the shot glass on fire though the living room and it fell onto the carpet and started it on fire. So we put the fire out with a bunch of water. We (including the kid who lived there) all ran from the house. It didn’t start on fire. But my friend (whom he thought his mother would kill him for burning a hole in the carpet) ended up stowing away on a freight train and was found the next day about 180 miles away. It was in the paper, and the police were calling all of our houses, and we all lied, saying we had no idea what happened (I know. bad. but we were like 11). He never said a word about any of us being involved. Took the fall all himself. Was strange being involved in such a huge secret at that age.