Why don’t people shop online on Black Friday?

I’m surprised nobody I’ve seen has responded with this yet, but the reason for the mania is fairly simple. And it has nothing to do with sales (as amazon and all the rest have online sales as well) . It has to do with feeling alive. You know when you see videos of people destroying their cities, because they love their city so much, and their sports team won? Pretty much the same thing. It doesn’t make sense rationally, but is more of a display of a lack of connection to ones surroundings, and a detachment from the world around them. These people want to feel alive, and for them, getting an Xbox for 20 dollars less does it for them. The same reason why gamblers will spend 10,000 dollars to feel good when they hit the 5,000 dollar jackpot. It doesn’t make sense, but is a sign of a bigger absence which needs to be filled in a lot of people’s lives. This is the same reason why otherwise “normal” people get swept up in riots. They’re fun.